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Founder’s Note

I have created a very special initiative for children called “PEACE FOR CHILDREN” under my social care entity “Shree Dayaa Foundation.”

It pains me very much everyday, as children starting from infants and toddlers upto the later growing years go through so many different kinds of suffering which we cannot even imagine or digest. From trafficking to abuse, emotional disturbances, exploitation, neglect and indifference, our children go through immense agony.

To every child out there craving for our love and every infant out there who should be treated better, to every toddler out there waiting for us to make a difference…, let us come together as one voice of hope…, let us rise together as one conscience, as one humanity for our “little people.” It`s our endeavour to bring everyone together for the most important cause for the most important beings in the world – our Children...…their safety, welfare, protection, and progress lies in the hands of our adult community...…to preserve their sanity, to retain their smiles, to bring hope for their lives, to work for their comfort in our midst, …to simply allow them to be children, spreading their positive energy wherever there are...…we need to come together.

No one can replace a lost childhood in a person`s life and childhood decides the kind of person one will be. We as a society have an accountability and responsibility to eradicate crime/abuse/and any kind of harm against children. I wish to create a National platform and a collective voice “Peace for Children,” for bringing remedy to children to preserve their happiness, to strengthen their trust in us, and to rise up to their hope. Children completely depend on us to create the kind of world they deserve to be in.

Keeping children happy, loving, caring and understanding their purity and divinity is the closest one can get to God and we have a chance everyday to do it…

“Yet another Freedom struggle
...this time...for Children!!!”

Peace For Children...


Everyday, children all over the world undergo immense difficulties that we cannot imagine or fathom. Ranging from domestic abuse to trafficking, many children have been left to suffer in silence. It falls onto the people of the society to come together to provide a voice for those who cannot speak.

Peace for Children endeavors to bring together people for the most important cause in the world - the Children. It is through the efforts of this initiative that the people will be able to improve the safety, welfare and protection of the children.

Peace for Children is an initiative by Smt. Latha Rajinikanth – Chairperson, Shree Dayaa Foundation. It is our aim that through this platform, children can be safe and get a better quality of life. Peace for Children’s ultimate goal is to help children become all that they can be and create a better tomorrow.


To awaken the sensitivity of the entire community to come together for uplifting, protecting, providing and improving the quality of lives of children from across the world.

The Objectives

  • To provide welfare to the downtrodden children both locally and globally.

  • To provide meaningful education that benefits the children for many years.

  • To create an awareness about crimes against children.

  • To promote public and parental awareness about the plight of the children.

  • To develop the natural skills of each child.

Area of Focus





Medical Care

Safety & Security

Crime Against Children


Parental Awareness

Public Awareness

Vocational Training

Skill Development

Life Enhancement

Better Overall Quality of life


About Concert...


Peace for Children will be holding a concert on 24th November 2018 at Ramachandra Convention Centre, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. This is an event to create a National platform and a collective voice. The event intends to address the problems and difficulties faced by children across the Globe. This platform aims to strengthen their trust in humanity.

This event will bring together people ranging from the Corporate world to the Film industry, allowing them to come together as a society. Together, they will focus on developing areas like shelter, nutrition, education, medical care, public awareness, parental awareness, etc. It is through these efforts, that the society will take a decisive step towards eradicating abuse, crime or any harm meted out against children.

Prior to the concert, a Family Mela - A Grand Children Carnival will be held which will bring together 1500 plus children. The Mela will be a fun activity park with games, entertainment, food counters etc. Here, there will also be talent and skill activities ranging from arts and crafts to singing and dancing. After this Family Mela, a grand Walkathon from Gandhi Statue to Vivekanandha House will be conducted propagating the ideals of Peace for Children.

We Need to Come together...


Upcoming Events

2 - 4
Nov 18
PFC Family Mela - Grand Children's Carnival  & Talent Hunt - 2018
Venue: Ramachandra Convention Centre, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.
Nov 18
PFC - Walkathon
Venue: Marina Beach - Gandhi Statue to Vivekanandha House
Nov 18
PFC Concert
Venue: Ramachandra Convention Centre, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.

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